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     VIM is a non-profit, evangelical Christian, foreign mission incorporated under Washington State Laws and regulations.

     As a foreign mission we are committed to the call of Ephesians 4:12: "... to prepare God's people for the works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature ...."

​     Our primary objective is to provide rural indigenous leaders with Bible training through video, for the maturity and expansion of the local church. We believe that Biblically mature indigenous Christians make the best evangelists.

     Over the years since the founding of VIM in 1984, we have found that the lower class rural Chilean pastors we work with often first encountered the Lord at a large evangelism event well over a decade ago. Having been invited by word of mouth as the leader of a village, these men and women walked for days if not weeks to see what the event was all about. While there they encountered the Living God powerfully, and for several days heard of His goodness and mercy.   ​

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Missionary Profiles
Larry and Nikki Gault

      About 1974, Both of us had powerful conversions while checking out Sequim Bible Church in Sequim, Washington. 

      After several years of spiritual growth and ministry in the church, we attended a week at The Firs Conference Grounds to listen to Alan Redpath. That week resulted in a surprising sense of calling to step out in faith as missionaries.

     Larry had spent time in Chile while serving in the Peace Corps during 1968. We feel that the Lord used this experience to eventually direct us to apply to VIM.  We were encouraged with the mission's interdenominational focus while preparing church leaders to be more effective by building them up with DVD bible classes. 

     We were accepted to the mission and spent two years raising support. With our three children we spent a year in Costa Rica studying Spanish and then spent 3 years producing and recording bible classes in Chile. After 10 years absence from mission work, we returned to the work in Chile that has resulted in another dozen years of helping pastors in the remote countryside locations throughout the country; pastors too poor to attend a bible school.  Presently we are working with over 130 pastors and several bible institutes.​

Will and Eva Hughes

     Recently joining the mission, Will is being stationed over the work in Patagonia.

    Having first met the Lord in a Four Square church, served in collegiate ministry with Chi Alpha (Assembly of God) for five years, worked with a Southern Baptist church plant in Pullman WA (Resonate) for two years, and continued on in studies to receive a masters of Divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, at times Will feels like a denominational mutt. 

     Since VIM works primarily with Baptist, Assembly of God, and CMA (Christian Missionary Alliance) churches in Chile, his background serves him well while crossing denominational lines with encouragement, materials, and heart of service.

     Eva Garcia de Hughes has been doing social work in Mendoza Argentina for since 1999, helping oversee and administrate Christian and non-profit outreach in one of Mendoza's low income neighborhoods. Through helping with the daily feeding of several hundred kids, vocational training, off-site youth camps, street VBS, coordinating teams from local churches, and personal one-on-one discipleship with many, her impact is eternally felt and skills honed for service.

     Together they make an excellent team, balancing spiritual purpose with practical service. 

Missionary or

​Bible School Location


     After accepting Jesus, being handed a Bible, and receiving prayer from an event volunteer, these men and women return to their villages as ambassadors of Christ. Many have difficulty reading, and few have a strong Biblical basis from which to effectively teach. Without support, follow up, or denominational oversight, these young Christians are all too often alone in their walk and calling.

     VIM field missionaries seek out these rural pastors and leaders with a ministry of encouragement, prayer, networking, and to help equip them in their call to reach their people. Since many have neither access to, nor funding to afford ministry training and educational materials, VIM brings to each village a rotation of DVD classes and other written materials to leave behind, based on the vision and needs of the local leader.

     Currently there are two field missionary couples, one over the central and northern regions of Chile, and the other over the Southern Patagonia regions of Chile. They each are responsible to seek out and equip hundreds of those in-need Pastors, as well as provide materials for the five associated Bible Schools throughout the country.